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Seo Optimization and its Process

Seo optimization services are quite complex and require expert knowledge and hard work. All Seo service has a well-trained team of experts who have all the required SEO knowledge. We offer exceptional services of search engine optimization for website of your business. SEO optimization will help your business expand and reach out to new potential customers. It will also create a good and positive image of your brand online which plays a vital role in marketing and bringing in new customers.


The process of SEO optimization includes three steps. The Audit, the Keyword analysis and then SEO itself. Before we start working on this three-step process, our team takes time to analyze and understand your business. This includes becoming familiar with your business model and your targets and goals. This analysis helps us develop a complete and effective strategy that is customized for your business. We take our work very seriously and a lot of thought and effort goes into planning each and every phase of your brand’s search engine optimization on Google and other search engines.

Our goal is to apply different tools, latest techniques and best practices of SEO to enhance the productivity of your website and your business. Search Engine Optimization is the key to spreading your business and marketing it to the local and international markets online in an effective manner to bring in more traffic and increase conversion rates.

Now let’s take a detailed look at our three-step approach of Seo Optimization for websites.


1.      In-depth SEO Audit of Website

The first thing is part of preparing for the SEO of a website. This involved a detailed and thorough evaluation of your business website. This process is called the site audit and a site audit report is created at the end of it. An expert goes through the entire website, usually with the help of audit tools and SEO checking websites. Each and every page of the website and its content is evaluated in order to understand the business, the model and to evaluate what needs to be improved.


Why your site needs an audit?

No website is perfect. There is always scope for improvement and that is what SEO is all about. A website requires a site audit in order to find all of the things that can be changed or improved in order to enhance its functionality. It also plays a very important role in developing an SEO strategy that will improve the website ranking and authority for search engines.

What is a site audit report?

A site audit SEO report contains the weaknesses of a website and the scope of improvements. It contains all the things that are not right about a website and also opinions and suggestions on how to make improvements to enhance functionality and efficiency. Our team makes sure that a details audit report is sent your way so you understand clearly what needs to be done. This report is precise and clearly states everything that you need to know about your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

Key Insights

Key insights are the important things that must be checked and included in a site audit report. Some of the keys insights that we check for and include in your report include:

  1. HTTPS status codes
  2. Crawl errors
  3. Site load time
  4. XML sitemap status
  5. Keyword cannibalization check
  6. User-friendliness check
  7. Google site search

Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Site

We make sure that when we are done with your audit, you will know all the strengths and weaknesses of the audit site. This helps you understand what you are doing right and what can be improved in order to achieve Seo friendly web design for the user.

Content Audit

A site audit contains the evaluation of the whole website whereas content audit is the process of evaluating the existing content of the website. This includes any type pf text, images, videos, logos, basically anything available on the website for the visitor to view. The team at All Seo Service knows exactly what to look for in the content and we make notes of all the possible improvements during the content audit process.


2.    Keyword Research Seo Optimization and Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is the process of finding the right keyword that you want your website to rank for. This step needs proper keyword research tools that will result in a list of keywords that have a high search volume. Our Seo optimization team exactly knows how to make use of keyword research tool for SEO to clearly analyze the keyword situation and choose the right ones to rank in SERPs. We take keyword research for SEO very seriously because it lays the foundation of the whole SEO process.


What is Our Keyword research Seo Optimization Process?

Our keyword research seo process is quite detailed and includes definite steps to ensure quality work. This process includes the following.

a.       Keyword Funnelling

After keyword research in SEO, keywords are filtered or funnelled to target specific topics instead of a general term. This process is called keyword funnelling. This enables specific pages of your website to rank and also allows the user to find exactly what he is looking for on your website.

b.      Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases rather than just words and they are more specific. By creating useful and effective long-tail keywords, we make sure that your conversion rate increases considerably.

c.       Highly Searched Keywords

Keywords that have a high search volume are more likely to get you more traffic. Our team knows exactly how to choose high volume search words that are also less competitive. This will get you a higher SERP ranking and also an increased traffic on your website.

d.      Keyword Mapping and Tracking

The way you map your keywords to your content and web pages makes a lot of difference. Our team is well experienced and knows where are how to place the keywords to ensure maximum outputs.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keywords pretty much lay the foundation of your marketing. If you don’t know which keywords you want to target, you will not have a way of building up your content. We make sure that our plan includes keyword research for Google and other search engines so that your business dominates SERPs everywhere.

What Keywords Research Tools are Used?

We make sure that we use the best and most effective keyword research tools for our keyword analysis phase. These tools are very important when it comes to finding just the right keywords to match your business. The top tools include SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc. Google Keyword Planner is also a great tool for planning the keyword approach.

3.    On-Page SEO Optimization

On page SEO is the optimization process where each individual webpage is optimized for ranking in SERPs. This is done in order to target more specific audience and bring in relevant traffic to individual pages. Our on page SEO service includes the analysis and modification of the content on each webpage which includes the HTML code behind it. The first step of on page SEO analysis is to map keywords to pages and then plan on how to optimize the content using those keywords.


We have place a detailed and effective strategy for on page SEO. Our team makes sure that every point on our on page SEO checklist is worked upon and the criteria is met.

What is on-page SEO Optimization Process?

On page SEO is the process of optimizing webpages and their content in order to get high rankings in search engine results. On page SEO tools and techniques are used for optimization purposes which enhances the quality of the content which in return brings high rankings and more traffic.

Our Seo Service team offers on page SEO optimization services in full detail and guaranteed results. Not only will your webpages rank higher in SERPs but you will definitely see an increase in the conversion rate as well.

Why is on page SEO Analysis is important for your business?

On page SEO analysis allows us to find out the weaknesses of your website and webpages that will negatively effect your business. By using our on page SEO service, you will see a drastic change in user engagement on your website which is possible by achieving high search result rankings. Here are some benefits that you can get through our on page SEO optimization services.

  • Local Search Result

If you own a business with a physical outlet, ranking high in local search results can help bring in a lot of new customers. We ensure that your optimized website will rank high in SERPs which will not only promote your business but also increase your sales both online and in store.

  • Lasting value

A good optimized webpage can go a long way with minimal updates and modifications. If you invest in on page SEO for your business website, it will keep benefiting you for a long time.

  • Time saving

This is a benefit on the user side but if your customer is benefitting from it, then it is a win-win situation. An optimized webpage will tell the user exactly what he can find on it. This allows search engines to rank your webpage based on what it is offering the user and saves user’s time by giving him what he wants amongst the top search results.

  • Improve CTR

CTR is the click-though rate of a webpage. Through the meta data of a webpage, the user will know exactly what he will find on it. We optimize this data expertly so that the user will click on the link as soon as he reads it.

  • Enhances speed

An optimized website is not just efficient functionality-wise but it is also fast. The content, images, in fact everything on the page is optimized to take up as little space as possible. This enhances the speed of the webpage and makes it faster to use.


Our Approach to On Page SEO Optimization

Our Seo Company  has detailed plans and strategies that we use to achieve the results our client’s want. Here is a list of things that we work on in on page Seo to make a website fully optimized and efficient.

  • URLs and pages

URLs play an important part in showing the user what he can find on a certain webpage. Optimizing the URLs and pages will allow the user and search engines to know exactly what is available on your website.


  • On-page content

The content of a page is everything that you can see on it. The biggest challenge is to optimize the text content. We make sure that the content we place on your website pleases the user and the search engines alike.


  • Internal linking

Internal linking includes the links that join different webpages on your website. It is very important to transfer healthy link juice to and from different parts of your website to enhance website authority and our experts know exactly how to do it.


  • Tags and Images

Even the things you can’t see with your eyes make a huge difference to rank your website. We optimize the heading and html tags of your website to feed the search bots which leaves a great impression of your website. Along with these tags, image attributes and tags are also optimized for the same purposes.


  • Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are the first things the user sees before visiting your website. We make sure that they include everything the user wants to see and which will make him click on the link and engage with your website. These also allow the search engines to know exactly what a webpage is offering and helps a great deal in getting higher rankings.


  • Site map

Like any place in the world, websites also require a map for others, especially search engines, to find them. A detailed and clear site map of your website including all the webpages present in the search engine directory will place you on the map of the internet.


We have a well trained and experienced team who knows their way around Search Engine Optimization for websites. We divide our plan in steps which makes it easier to achieve all the targets and goals. We work hard to make sure that you get results better than your expectations. We look forward to you entrusting us with your business and working hard to take it to a new level of success.


Plan 1

  • SEO Audit of Website
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword research & 10 Keywords Optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Monthly Report
  • Max 3 Months completion for the Price £500

Plan 2

  • SEO Audit of Website
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research & 20 Keywords Optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Monthly Report
  • Max 4 Months completion for the Price £1000

Plan 3

  • SEO Audit of Website
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research & 30 Keywords Optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Schema Setup
  • Monthly Report
  • Max 6 Months completion for the Price of £1500


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