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All Seo Service provides SEO web design service to clients all over the world. We feel pride in our exceptional services that allows users to have a great experience using the client’s business website. Good user experience leads to more engagement and also increased traffic through word of mouth. An optimized website is more likely to rank higher in SERPs bringing in more traffic as well. Your website deserves the best in terms of traffic and user engagement and we work very hard to ensure that.

First Impressions matter a lot especially when it comes to interacting with a website. If a user experiences any trouble during that first visit, he very less likely to return. And it is not just the looks that matter, the overall efficiency also plays a vital role. Which is why your business needs an incredible SEO website design to make sure that the user is 100%  engaged. An SEO site design not only enhances the view of a site, but also makes it super easy to use. Along with that it attracts the attention of search engines as well. We know the importance of SEO for web design. We invest a lot of thought and effort into creating the ideal strategy customized for your business.

What is SEO Friendly Web Design?

An SEO friendly web design is the name of designing and developing a website to make them easily recognizable by search engines. This process focuses on enhancing user experience of the website along with optimizing it to be in terms with search engine criteria.


Why is SEO Website Design Important for Your Business?

SEO in web design works in the same way as SEO for the content on it. By developing an optimized website, you make sure that the user has a smooth experience with it. When the user is happy with how your website works, it adds to the positive image of your brand. Also, an optimized website is more likely to earn higher ranks in search engine results than an un-optimized one.

Our SEO Web Design UK Service is Amongst the Best

A good SEO page design will keep your customers engaged. Whereas an unimpressive one will turn your customer away from you and towards your competitor. We understands the importance of an SEO friendly website design. We make sure to use all the latest techniques and effective tools to make your website more approachable and friendly.


We provide top SEO services of web design UK and never compromise on the quality of work we offer. All our clients are happy with our services and their success stories can attest to the fact that we do deliver the best.

Our Approach Towards SEO Site Design

We have a team of experts and well-trained personnel working hard every day. Our team members have planned and mastered great strategies to work with. Our approach to optimizing an SEO web design is amongst the best in the world. Let us give you an overview of what our SEO website design services include.


Fully Index able Web Design Pages

It is very important that Google and other search engines have all your website pages in their index. This places you on the map and makes your brand recognizable by getting high ranks in SERPs. We make sure that even the shortest and least significant pages of your website are indexed by search engines.

Alt Text for Images

Our team makes sure that each image on your website has an appropriate Alt text. Alternative text plays a vital role in SEO. Since search engine bots only understand textual data, providing alternative text for your images helps them know what you have to offer.

Transcripts for Audio and Video Content in Web Design

Just like images, we optimize audio and video content by adding transcripts. These transcripts explain the contents of the audio and video and helps search bots to know exactly what to find in them.

Careful Use of Tags

The “noindex” tag in Robots.txt file must always be avoided for the significant pages of the website. We are very careful in this matter so that no important part of your website becomes hidden from search engines.

We use canonical tags to ensure that at least one of the pages having similar content gets indexed. It also saves you from duplicate content which is not good for the website’s positive image.

Clear and Precise URLs

The importance of URL structure in SEO web design is curtail. We put a lot of thought in naming the URLs so the user can get an idea of what to find on a page just by looking at its URL address.

Simple Website Architecture

No one likes a complex website with a lot going on. Simple and Professional look website structures are our specialty. We design elegant yet creative designs that are appealing to look at and efficient to use.

Unique and Engaging Content

Content is another very important part of a website. Our expert content creators work hard to design and create unique content that invited maximum user engagement. After all, your content is the glue that holds your website and brand together.

Appropriate Number of Pages

Website with a lot of pages can become messy and difficult to use. They are also difficult to manage and so we prefer SEO web designs that have a limited number of pages. It does depend on the type of website and business but our motto usually remains the same i.e. the lesser pages, the better.

User Friendly and Mobile Responsive Seo Web Design

A user is always looking for ease and efficiency. We make designs that will give the user exactly what he is looking for without putting in much effort. Our team also makes sure that your SEO website design responds well on a mobile as well since most of the people nowadays prefer surfing the internet through their mobile phones.


Give Your Online Business a New Turn with our Seo Web Design Service

We believe in the power of design and content. These are the things that will bring in more visitors to your website and also engage them for future. We excel in providing services of web design Birmingham that are of exceptional quality and also quite affordable.

A business always excels when competent partners join hands and work hard. We look forward to becoming your marketing and SEO partner to take your business to a whole new level that is better than your expectations.

Basic Standard Design

  • 1 to 5 Pages
  • Free Domain & Hosting for 1 Year
  • SEO Friendly
  • Optimized Content and Images
  • Social Media Linking
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Admin Access after Completion

Premium Standard Design

  • 1 to 8 Pages
  • Free Domain & Hosting for 1 Year
  • SEO Friendly
  • Optimized Media
  • Optimized Content and Images
  • Custom Logo & Contact Form Integration
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Admin Access & Tutorial after Completion

Premium Ecommerce Design

  • 9 to 15 Pages
  • Free Domain & Hosting for 1 Year
  • SEO Friendly and Keywords Optimization
  • Optimized Content, Media, Custom Logo and Images
  • Mobile Compatible & Social Media Linking
  • Ecommerce Ready with Form and Payment Integration
  • Up to 40 Products Addition
  • Admin Access & Tutorial after Completion


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